Kasetphand Industry Ltd.

Serve the Best Step Forward

Feed Farm Food Turnkey Innovation

Company History

Kasetphand Industry Company Limited (KPI), an affiliated company of Charoen Pokphand Group (CP), KPI has originally been established since 1965 and been doing Feed, Farm and Food business over than 50 years with the ability to provide services to customers and partners in more than 21 countries throughout Europe and Asia region.

We operates business with a commitment to providing excellent service, to be a technology and management center and provides The world's most advanced engineering services for agro-industrial business and food as our motto
“Serve the best, Step Forward”

Vision and Mission

To be an integrated service leader of agricultural and food industry of Asia

Service Capability

Expand services and business partners
more than 28 countries around the world


Kasetphand Industries Co., Ltd. is a company in the agricultural equipment business group. A leading provider of engineering services for agro-industrial and food businesses as Feed Farm Food Turnkey Innovation, with over 50 years of business experience and engineering expertise, we continue to expand our service capabilities and business throughout Asia with 7 companies in 4 countries consist of Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines and Myanmar to support customer growth, increasing capacity and potential to provide the best services to our customers in around the world in order to create highest customer satisfaction.

Kasetphand Industry Co., Ltd.
Kasetphand Phils. Corp
KP Greenergy Co., Ltd.
Myanmar KSP



Committed to producing and sourcing good quality of products and machinery with modern production technology under quality of management system according to international standards

We focuses on the development of products and services. To create the highest satisfaction for customers By focusing on the advancement of modern technology, synergy between partners and companies in the business group. to exchange knowledge and transfer technology and innovation together as well as striving to continually create innovators, we certified by the CEN16555 innovation management system standard certification and ready to step into a fully integrated innovation organization

Certification Standard

Kasetphand Industry Co., Ltd. Commitment to produce, distribution, delivery high quality of products and services and determine to improve an efficiency of products and services continuously. We are certified by international standard as follows :

2563  Plaque of honor as an organization that supports the work of people with disabilities excellent by the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security - Mr. Juti Krairiksh, Minister. To reflect the recognition as an organization that actively and continuously supports vulnerable groups in all dimensions for people with disabilities to be able to create a career and income leading to self-reliance have a better quality of life as well as to promote opportunities to show their abilities in various arenas, increase the value of living in society with dignity and equality including in line with the organization's sustainable development goals.