To be an integrated service leader of agricultural and food industry of Asia

Provide design, construction, procurement of machinery and equipment. machine installation Comprehensive spare parts and after-sales service for animal feed mill business with expert engineers


Provide comprehensive service for live stock, aquaculture farm and greenhouse, covering design, construction and fabrication houses installation, for poultry farm, swine farm aqua farm, greenhouses, hatcheries, egg collecting houses, office buildings, and utility system.


Provide construction services for food processing plants, ready-to-eat food factory, slaughtering process, cold storage, warehouse , refrigeration and cooling system including office building and utilities, design, construction, installation and equipment sourcing as food turnkey innovation.


Providing construction, installation, production and engineering services for retail and restaurant (HORACA) from small to large such as shop, kiosk stores, glass houses and etc., as well as supplying equipment such as refrigerators and freezers including after-sales services.

alternative energy

Comprehensive alternative and renewable energy, providing solar power generation systems both in the terms of installation (EPC) and power trading (Private PPA)


With experience in construction and engineering over 50 years with more than 150 engineers and experts KPI is ready to serve you the best quality of design, construction and control of large construction projects such as warehouses or a large building.


We focus on after-sales service to create highest customer satisfaction. With our expertise engineers and experienced technicians who have trained both in-house and abroad will be able to analyze, find solution and solve all your machineries problems. We also provide spare parts to ensure that your machineries will work efficiently and most usability.