for a sustainable future

we will be the seed growing strong amid future challenges

Kasetphand Industry Co., Ltd. is one of the businesses of the Charoen Pokphand Group,Business with a heart that adheres to the philosophy"Three-Benefit Principle to sustainability”, taking into account the benefits tofor the country, the people and only then the company.Molded with gratitude which is a fundamental virtue that is firmly rooted for the organization to growstrong, sustainable, along with improving the quality of life for the people. Social responsibilityand environmental stewardship for sustainability in all dimensions.


3 Pillars 
Heart Committed to doing business with fairness, transparency and accountability
Health Committed to building a sustainable society, a good quality of life
Home Commitment to create a sustainable environment

Business Policy

The company operates its business by adhering to good corporate governance principles. Conduct business in accordance with the law, rules, regulations, contracts and the agreement is strictly transparent can be inspected, along withuphold the principles of universal human rights and treat workers fairly, include paying attention to human resource management and develop leaders in bothwork skills and ethics, systematical and continuously.

Social and environmental activities

Kasetphand Industry Co., Ltd. realizes the efficient business operation,Social and Environmental Responsibility based on the philosophy "Three-Benefit Principle” considering the benefits to the country is our first prioritypublic interest, and the benefit of the organization is the last priority.We believe that no business grows strong alone,the strength of people, society and nation are the key of growth.