CP Mask : Mission for the nation, Part 10, free mask factory completed in 5 weeks.

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free mask factory for medical personnel and the public, expected 1 week, ready to be distributed through Chulalongkorn Hospital to hospitals and medical personnel across the country Successfully completed 5 weeks

April 10, 2020 Senior Chairman Dhanin Chearavanont Thank you team that makes the mission to build a factory for a free mask factory for Thai people of Charoen Pokphand Group Completed within 5 weeks to produce masks A budget of more than 100 million baht, targeting 3 million pieces per month, will be given to medical personnel as the first group through Chulalongkorn Hospital, the Thai Red Cross Society, senior president, CP confirmed the distribution of masks. You have to have your doctor take action. CP specializes in production. but who knows What medical personnel do you need? The doctor must be the one who distributes the CP along with the guidelines. and will support to the utmost, while increasing production capacity to be sufficient to help Thai people Ready to help fight against COVID-19 to win ASAP and prepare to open a business After the crisis to make Thailand the first country to recover the economy

This free mask factory was created. It is a factory that produces free masks for Thai people. The construction was completed within 5 weeks as announced by Mr. Thanin Chearavanont, Senior President, on March 5th until the deadline today, April 10th. Machines for the production of surgical masks are ready to be manufactured from that date. April 16, after permission from the Food and Drug Administration

In the midst of the COVID-19 situation epidemic around the world All Thai people have to help each other. It is their duty. CP is the same. We have to do our best in times of crisis and we are not doing it alone. Thanks to the team in China and Thailand because there are many obstacles. especially during this period when the measures to take care of the strictness of exports has a much higher level And the number of flights dwindling than the 70% makes it difficult to predict flights, especially in China. with machines, but it is considered every country needs especially China It is necessary as well, but with good relations between the two countries. Helped to transport the machines back in time. The company had to rent a chartered plane to bring 2 machines to Thailand and install it successfully. Aiming to produce 3 million pieces per month, donated to Chulalongkorn Hospital, Thai Red Cross Society, and delivered to medical personnel. and distributed free to the public

For CP's factory of free masks for Thai people, the 3rd floor building of Kasetphand Industrial Co., Ltd. has been converted to a clean room. and suitable for the use of machinery production of masks which if running It will take only one person to work, while the machine will have 3 pieces of material to produce a mask. and ear strap which CP invented innovation To pack products to be sterile, which has AI technology from King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang.

Senior president of Charoen Pokphand Group admitted that the production of face masks It is one of the intentions to help medical personnel and the people that CP Group is ready to devote budget to support in various fields. such as providing food to medical personnel and their families The opening of the sale of food for 20 baht per box. The price is not raised because it understands the economic situation that has been affected all over the world. Therefore, I would like to recommend Thai people to cooperate with the government to stop this epidemic. And take the time to prepare to start doing business as soon as Thailand is free from the epidemic in order to recover the economy quickly.

Credit : We are CP