Guidelines and Policies

Kasetphand Industry Co., Ltd. has established policies to support sustainable development as follows:

Sustainable Development Policy and Goals 2021-2030​
Human rights and labor practices policies
Anti-Corruption Policy and Guidelines​
Policies and guidelines on information management
Privacy Policy and Guidelines on Protection of Personal Information​

Ethics and Compliance Training​

Key of human resource development is honesty, integrity, and compliance with rules and regulations based on ethical business practices.

KPI has included courses on ethics and regulations (business ethics) in the orientation of new employees as well as providing a test of knowledge inEthics and Practice to raise awareness and to see the importance of working ethically with the right practices and has been continuously developed.

KPI provides training courses on ethics and regulations for employees at all levels, including to all executives to be able to transfer to subordinates.This is to ensure that all employees are knowledgeable, understand and strictly comply with the company rules throughout the organization.

Whistleblowers and complaints about corporate governance

about illegal actions, business ethics

Employee Communication Guidelines​

Employees are valuable assets of the company, therefore we places great importance on creating a working environment based on trust and mutual respect.We create channel for employees to communicate about work concerns, all employees can consult or comment on anymatters with good faith to the management direct, supervisor, Human Resources Department or regulatory compliance agency. All information is confidential and employees will not be retaliated against or bullied.

Complaint Form

Evidence to support complaints such as documents, pictures, witnesses and Etc.