Corporate Social Responsibility


KPI is committed to creating sustainable social values in all dimensions by promoting society to havestrength, such as supporting good health, and opportunities to access invarious assistant, knowledge sharing and innovation. This is to create a mutual bond with all stakeholders, 
and support the well-being of society which can be a driving force for better social change.


KPI is committed to doing business in line with the direction of the Charoen Pokphand Group which focus onbalancing the environment, protect, maintain and preserve resources and the environment in accordancewith international goals to be the zero waste and zero carbon organization by reduce waste andcarbon to zero (zero carbon emissions organization) for reducing the impact ofclimate change. It also attaches importance to the preservation of water resources, protectingecosystems and biodiversity which is an important part in balancing the natural resourcesnature and overall environment in addition to operating within the organization, it has also expandedoperational guidelines to partners and business partners throughout the supply chain to create areal sustainable society.