Sustainability Strategy​


Kasetphand Industry Co., Ltd. is one of the businesses of Charoen Pokphand Group, adhering to policies, strategic frameworks both the Group's Sustainable Development Goals ofCharoen Pokphand to 2030 and the Group's Sustainable Development 15 Goals. The goal has 3 pillars which are striving to do business with fairness, transparency and accountability(Heart), Committed to building a sustainable society have a good quality of life(Health), and strive for a sustainable environment(Home).

Executive Commitment


We proudly to be a part of Charoen Pokphand Group in conducting our business in accordance with C.P. Group strategic framework -Sustainable Development of Charoen Pokphand Group 2030, the Group's Sustainable Development 15 Goals and performance indicators(KPIs) which is intended to support the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations and the 10 Principles of the United Nations World Covenant on RightsHumanity, Labor, Environment and Anti-Corruption.

We committed to apply this sustainable development strategy framework to be part of company's strategy, culture andoperational, including participation in sustainability projects of Charoen Pokphand Group to achieve the sustainable development goals together.

Somchai Phaiboonpalayoi

Senior Vice President
Agricultural equipment business

We are committed to doing business in line with the vision, strategy and sustainability goals ofC.P. Group  and continuously develop products and services with technology and innovation along with responsibility forsociety and environmental stewardship, and emphasizing good corporate governance, lead generation create, happiness ofpersonnel, as well as building relationships with stakeholders for sustainability in all dimensions.

Phoomchai Traidalanon​

Vice President
and representatives of corporate sustainability executives​

Product, service and Solution​ for sustainability

สินค้าและบริการ เพื่อความยั่งยืน

Kasetphand Industry Co., Ltd. is committed to continuously developing products and services with technology and innovation to make the organization grow strong and sustainable, to deliver products andquality service along with social responsibility, environmental stewardship, and to provide comprehensive services in agro-industrial and food business.We expect our product and service help create more environment balances which not only can solve environmental problems but will make the economy more sustainable to the country and people for a better quality of life as well.

Renewable Energy​

Animal Welfare​

Water Treatment​

Waste Management​